• A new storage space is inaugurated with approximately 1000 m2. The infrastructure is fit to receive new clients in the logistics storage area.
  • The company’s image is renewed and a new website is made.
  • The Rodo Logistics and Tech Logistics brands are created to segment and differentiate the storage logistic and the multibrand technical assistance services.
  • Rodo Cargo, S.A. implements a new business unit in the Group, the multibrand technical assistance, allowing its clients the complete logistics circuit, from the collection and transportation of damaged goods, through its repair, to the later delivery to the client.
  • Rodo Cargo, S.A. consolidates its position in the transportation of cars and goods.
  • Opens a 4000 m2 warehouse and starts a new strand of business - storage logistics.
  • There’s a strengthening of the fleet, in the international transport of general cargo area.
  • The transportation of hazardous materials area is extinct and transferred to a Barraqueiro Group company, Atlantic Cargo.
  • A contract with BMW is signed for parking and preparation of all vehicles imported into Portugal.
  • The company’s new logo is created and the fleet's image renewal is initiated.
  • Rodo Cargo, S.A. begins to have at its disposal 245 cars for the domestic and international transport of vehicles and 87 for the domestic and international transportation of general cargo.
  • Together with the Barraqueiro SGPS holding, the entire capital of the Transportes Álvaro Gonçalves de Algés, Ltd company is acquired.
  • The entire TIR fleet is renewed.
  • The strategic alliance with the spanish transportation company Transportes Gutiérez, S.A. is formalized.
  • A new activity is launched, in the area of new cars’ preparation and logistics.
  • Mr Humberto Pedrosa becomes shareholder of Fidelidade, getting the entire company’s capital in the Barraqueiro SGPS range.
  • The entire fleet and activity of the Transbrotir Group companies is acquired.
  • Every position of the Pedrosa family is transferred to the Barraqueiro SGPS, S.A. holding.
  • Rodo Cargo, S.A. joins the fleet and activity of Transportes Pedrosa, Lda. and Transportadora Central Bejense, Lda.
  • A new development strategy is established.
  • Rodo Cargo, S.A. acquires the fleet and activity of Transportes Jaime Dias, Lda.
  • Rodo Cargo, S.A. becomes part of the Barraqueiro Group.
  • A deal is made between Rodo Cargo, S.A. and Mercedes Benz for exclusive distribution in Portugal.
  • Transportes Pedrosa, Lda. acquires commanding position in Rodo Cargo, S.A.
  • Privatization of Rodo Cargo, S.A.
  • Constitution of Rodo Cargo, S.A.